How to care for Velvet - It is a delicate fabric and if it's not taken care of property the velvet can bruise. This means parts of the fabric lose its lustre. It is best to transport velvet in a plastic bag inside a garment bag. If you are traveling via plane take the garment as carry on luggage. If you happen to spill anything on your jacket don't touch it and get to a reputable dry cleaner as soon as possible.

How to care for Linen -   Jackets must be dry-cleaned, however you can carefully wash trousers, shorts and shirts.  If you do wash your linen do not spin dry the garments as you will find them hard to press, drip drying should be the preferred option. White linens should be dried in the sun, to help keep them white.

Beware of plastic bags - Never store a jacket or any garments in the protective plastic bag. Plastic bags are meant for getting your garments from the drycleaner to your home only, never for storage. Leaving garments in the plastic bags promotes light damage and mildew, and can dry out leather and suede.

How to have longer lasting collars - Our shirt collars are properly constructed so when you turn up a buttoned collar you are destroying the structure of the collar. If you have to turn up your collar leave the collar unbuttoned, knot the tie then turn down and button up the collar.

How to keep dark coloured clothing items dark -To keep the colour in darker shirts especially dark navy and black you can use a detergent called ‘Black Wash’. This detergent does not have the stain removal enzyme like other washing powders, so it will actually enhance some of the darker dyes. Clear in colour and easily bought in most supermarkets.

How to care for Cotton -

  • Your shirts will last longer if they’re laundered at home rather than dry-cleaned.
  • Wash all shirts in cold water
  • Only wash whites in hot water
  • Wash shirts separately
  • Drip dry your shirts for easier ironing.
  • Drip dry out of direct sunlight.