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Men's Tailor Made Shirts

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All Men Deserve A Tailor Made Shirt

A tailor made shirt fits your body shape, personality and the occasion perfectly. We create shirting for business, smart casual, casual & formal occasions. We assist you in choosing the fabrics and cuts which are complementary to you. We ensure you choose the correct colours, patterns and styles for you and the occasion. We specialise in ensuring whichever look you desire, you receive - contemporary, classic or unique.

Colour - We are trained in the art of colour therefore helping you select the best colours for your complexion, thus giving you more compliments. We actually guarantee compliments!

Pattern combination - Our expertise will enable you to correctly combine shirt, tie and suit patterns. We can explain the guidelines of stripes on stripes, checks and stripes etc...

Style - We advise which collars best frame your face, which collar will sit best for an open neck shirt and the details which will compliment you and the occasions.


Your Options

  • 1000's of fabrics to choose from - plain, twill, herringbone, striped, checked, floral, self patterened etc.
  • 12 collar styles
  • 8 cuff styles
  • Personalised Fit
  • Unique styling - unique fabric on inside collar, unique fabric inside cuff, unique fabric inside placket, different coloured buttons, different coloured button thread, different coloured button hole thread, limitless unique options.

Shirt Details

  • 100% cotton German interlinings
  • French double seams - which provide strength.
  • Buttons sewn with a crossed lockstitch ensuring they stay firmly attached.
  • Stripes and checks matched across the shirt front, back and at the sleeve


Framing the Face

The objective of your clothing is to guide the viewer's eye toward your face.

So to put your face in the best light you must consider how to frame it. This is done by choosing the appropriate collar.

For example, a wide spread collar will counterbalance a narrow face and a regular collar (straight pointing collar) will narrow wider features.

Not only do we know how to choose the right collar to compliment your facial structure but we can help you achieve individual style through creating unique collars.

All of our collars have fixed collar stays which means our collars always keep their shape.




Dressing the Hand

You can have single or double cuffs, but it is the latter which is usually worn with business or formal attire and this cuff distinguishes those who appreciate style and formality and those who like it a little more casual.

Whether a button or double cuff, it should fit fairly snug around the wrist and you should be able extend your arms without the cuff pulling back.

Note: You should always show ½ inch of shirt cuff under the jacket sleeve.



Our shirts confirm who you are. If you want to look sharp and on top of your game there is no other choice.

View our wide range of fabric and custom made shirts in our Sydney & Brisbane Showrooms.

Shirts from $200


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