Every year we come up with a new set of resolutions.  This year we would like to guide men into a few fashion forward resolutions which will assist them to becoming a styled gentleman.


1. Learn to suit up in Summer - It is important to never leave the office without your jacket.  Not wearing a jacketFrom "Brights" - A Summer Wedding Inspiration Collaborative Styled Shoot with NGG Studios dumbs down your appearance and makes you look anything but sharp and on top of your game.  The summer jacket needs to be of light construction and fabric.  A half lined or unconstructed jacket works best, less interfacing and lining means lighter and cooler to wear.  The fabric needs to be tropical lightweight wool, 7g is the best as this fabric will still drape correctly.  Other option is cotton; you can use shirt cottons but be prepared for a few creases after a day of wear.

2. Odd Jacket and Trouser combination – This combination works all year round in Brisbane but particularly in summer. Think of more vibrant colours for the cotton chino (remembering we can use shirt cottons also) and then a slight more conservative coloured or patterned jacket which ensures you get versatility out of your jacket.

Odd Jacket paired with a cuffed dress shortthe sports jacket can be trendy, dressy or very casual depending on your choice of jacket and how you accessorise it











3. Current Trends.
For shirting – You can’t miss the checks and the bolder patterned shirts and people are starting to experiment on their colour choices – oranges, purples, mint green…
For Suiting – The silk/wool blends are very popular as they give lustre without giving too much shine. You might have also noticed the power suit is back, go for a medium blue and a bold stripe that is not too thick and the distance no more than 1cm apart (please note this depends on your size, the bigger you are the more distance between stripes). A small style note, the straight pockets are back on the jacket as well, although I like what the slanted pocket does to give the illusion the jacket is more tapered.

4. Be Organised - Plan what you are going to wear the night before.  This way your wardrobe decisions never becomes a ‘that will do’.  You have the time to mix different patterns and colours and you will be surprise how many different combinations you actually have in the wardrobe.

5. Colour Consultation – Find out what colours work best for you.  We provide the service complimentary when buying a suit or a tailored shirt but if you wanted a full colour consultation, we also provide this service.

6. New Shoes – In February, we will be providing hand-made shoes, classic designs through to custom made funk. Enquire within for more information.  If your shoes are not new, they must be polished.  If you don’t want to spend the 5 mins doing this then go to Buffed, they provide shoe shines for $5 - $8. At selected outfits, if you mention Wil Valor you will get free shoe shines.

Come in to the Milton Studio to learn more.  Or remember we can come to you.
Wil Valor – Style. Measure. Fit

Client Testimonial:

Mark of Wil Valor redefined the classic style of dressing. The attention to each and every slightest detail and the satisfaction I get, it “Makes you feel like a Million Dollars". It's when some unknown person walking on the street says "You look Sharp" or in a night club, “Did I tell you I like your shirt?" - that’s when you wonder what's new and then you think “You”. If you're looking to get those compliments, work with Wil Valor.

– James Gupta (Accountant at Specialised Business Solutions)