Hand Made Custom ShoesThroughout the many presentations I have given over the years I have asked the following question to women in the audience: Do you look at a man’s shoes before his face? With over 50% of the women saying yes, what does this mean?

Shoes are more important than one might think and how they are kept helps women work out if you are going to look after them. If your shoes are unpolished, scuffed and generally untidy maybe that is how you will treat her. This sounds wrong...but it is completely true.

So we are now offering Hand Made Custom Shoes for $550. Made from Italian Leather by our expert craftsman with over 25 year experience.

We can do all sizes in any colours & styles including Brogues, Boots & Loafers.

For the remainder of April we will give you a 10% discount. 

The shoes are the ultimate in comfort and will last.

Mark Ferguson

Master Clothier