With high school graduation being once in a lifetime, we wanted it to be special for our son Mitchell, who in 2013 graduated from Ryan Catholic College. Being 6 foot 5 inches it was always going to be a challenge. Mark could not have been more professional & sincere in his approach to meeting our needs.  Mitchell has several photos from magazines that he liked, and Mark exceeded our expectations of the final finish! Every $$$ invested in our Son was worth seeing him stand out from the crowd on the night! I could not recommend Mark more highly.

Martin & Melissa Locke
Martin Locke Homes, Builder

I have found Mark Ferguson and his team at Wil Valor exceptional in every way.  From first consultation to receiving the product the company was totally professional. 

Mark is a creative genius that thinks outside the square. I receive so many compliments on my attire at any event I attend. This is a true testament to Mark himself, his team and the fashion label Wil Valor.

Josh Holt
TV News Weather Presenter at Network Ten

What Mark offers at Wil Valor is unsurpassed quality in bespoke design. It is clear that Mark's intent is to provide the very best result through fully customized design, creative signature looks, listening, and sound principles that best suits the individual.  He is committed to excellence.

Tony Vella
Operations Manager Downes Group Pty Ltd

If you're serious about suits, are searching for a style that stands out or just stands the test of time, Wil Valour is the tailor of choice. Mark's suits always look amazing and feel sharp. Bespoke at its best.

Jonathan Lea
Reporter at Network Ten

I have been using Wil Valor now for 2 years and have found both Mark and his team provide great advice regarding colour, styles and options. The service has exceeded my expectations and the quality above anything I could have purchased through a major retailer. I plan to make Wil Valor a key part of my dress clothing, suits and black tie in 2014.

In addition to this I have many friends who have received excellent results through Wil Valor. If you want to look fantastic, be comfortable in correctly fitting clothing and feel a million bucks then you must give this business and Mark the opportunity to impress you as he has me.

Andy Reid
Sales Director for Franchise Relationships Institute

Mark is a true craftsman, My suit is amazing, I absolutely love it and get comments with every wear, he flew interstate to meet me on several occasions and he had the suit shipped straight to my dry cleaner! It is obvious that this is his passion.  I look forward to working with him again and having my wardrobe full of Will Valor suits and clothing! 

Daniel Rowntree
DJ at The Star/Sokyo

Damien RossiBeing referred to Wil Valor was one of the best things that happened to me in 2012 and since then WV has been responsible for outfitting me for a number of major events which have had a fashion focus such as Brisbane's Paspaley Polo in the City event and the Gold Coast's Magic Millions Race Day. It's fantastic dealing with Mark and Vish at WV - they have their finger on the pulse of contemporary men's fashion and I always look forward to their sartorial advice and suggestions. The service they provide is exceptional and very personalised with all the clothing tailored specifically for me and beautifully crafted. Whether it is a business suit, a pair of trousers or a 'statement' jacket - if it has a Wil Valor label I know it will fit perfectly and garner positive attention and comments. As I have to attend a number a fashionable events throughout the year, being a client of Wil Valor has saved me untold time and energy having to look for things to wear to these events and I walk out the door with the confidence that comes from being privy to Mark and Vish's expert style advice. The fact that Wil Valor is a bespoke menswear design house also means the garments are unique and I won't be running into anyone else wearing the same thing. But the best thing about wearing Wil Valor is the way it feels...and more importantly the way it makes me feel.

Damien Anthony Rossi
The Sunday Mail

From our initial meeting onwards, the quality of service has been outstanding. Both the regular communication and the follow up service provided maintained that initial quality. The range of options available and your knowledge thereof were also very impressive. The quality of the craftmanship for the end product has already drawn favourable comment so I suspect you will have some referrals coming your way. 

I'm sure we're all very busy in the current environment. What I also found very impressive was the ease and timeliness of doing business - a factor not to be underestimated

Allan Golding
Regional Manager at Westpac

For the last four years I have been using Wil Valour services. I find the quality of clothing as well as the quality of service to be exceptional. In my line of work it is important to look my best as first impressions do count and Wil Valour ensures this works for me. My time is valuable and shopping is not usually a priority so for them to come to me and to make the choices simple helps make my life easy. I also love the fact that they are proactive in their service so it's one less thing on my to do list.

Tim Dwyer
CEO Australia, Partner SE Asia

I have used Mark Ferguson from Wil Valor on three different occasions, Twice to produce suits and once to produce business pants. Each time he has exceeded my expectations with his level of service and the quality of his products. Pricing is also extremely competitive and the fact that he can measure you and deliver to your office is a convenient point of difference. I highly recommend Mark and his company.

Geoffrey Kuehner
General Manager at Brisbane Broncos Leagues Club Ltd

I have always purchased suits from department stores and though they were great quality, I could never find a suit that fitted me correctly. With the wedding of one of my sisters coming up I wanted to get a suit tailor made. Mark from Wil Valor was recommended to me by Katrina Witham of The PR Gals. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted, Mark took my idea and with his creativity provided me a suit that exceeded my expectations. The fit was amazing and the look was incredible. Every person that attended the wedding came up to me and personally commented about my suit. I would highly recommend Mark as your personal tailor and I will be using his services again in the future.

Karl August
Managing Director at DigitalSi 

I have visited Wil Valor on several occasions now and I am always amazed at the exceptional service I receive. Mark’s knowledge, creativity, honesty and friendly nature makes all the difference when purchasing a bespoke suit or custom shirts.

Jake Zalm
Senior Business Partner at Virgin Australia

MARK IS THE BEST!!! I have used many tailors in my time and by far, Mark is the best. Not only does Mark listen to exactly what you want, he provides MASSIVE value and goes the Extra mile by adding his creative flare. He is the best! 

If you are looking for a great tailor that comes to you! Go no further!

Isaac Calvert

Mark and his company were selected to provide quality clothing to our Directors. The work was excellent, great value and on time. I have used him on more than one occasion and would use him again. I highly recommend Wil Valor for their approach to business and delivery of a great product.

Chris McHugh
CEO at RSL (Queensland Branch)

I was fortunate to meet Mark at a franchising function several months ago.  In meeting him I was struck by 2 things, firstly the manner and style in which he was dressed, secondly by his warm and friendly nature.  Having now purchased several items through Mark it is these two traits which will keep me as a loyal customer for years to come.  If you haven't tried Wil Valor, it is hard to explain just how nice it is to wear something that fits well, coordinates with your wardrobe and looks fantastic.   Mark has an ability to match colours, patterns and fabrics which surpasses anything offered in a retail environment and gives me a confidence in my appearance I've never felt before.   The service is excellent and he is determined to ensure everyone receives first class service and experience.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Andy Reid
Director of Profitable Partnerships at Franchise Relationships Institute

Mark provides all of my business trousers and suits. Mark can match the best for quality and come with the added benefit of being tailored to suit me plus the convenience of Mark coming to me.

John Zabala
Director at Australian Festival of Chamber Music

Mark's work is the best. The classic style of dressing was never the way it was. Mark redefined it. The attention to each and every slightest detail and the satisfaction or I should say "Makes you feel like a Million Dollar". 
It's when some unknown walking on the street walks up to you and says "You look Sharp" or in a night club " Did I tell you I like your shirt?"- thats when you wonder what's new and then you thank Mark. 
If you're looking to get those compliments, work with Wil Valor - Mark Ferguson.

James Gupta
Accountant at Specialised Business Solutions

Had a great experience dealing with Mark at Wil Valor - he really went above and beyond to make sure I got what I needed in time. You can't beat the service you get from someone that really wants the best for their clientele and thrives on good word-of-mouth.

Sean Ingall
Junior Associate Financial Advisor at VISIS Private Wealth


“With great luck I found Mark at Wil Valor after looking for suits that looked great, with custom fitting given nothing off the rack fit just right. After a couple of conversations and fittings, I received an amazing suit as promised and expected. To top it off, while I had held off a tailored suit due to expectations around the cost, for the quality of the suit, it was a very reasonable investment.

I highly recommend Mark for those who are looking for a great suit.”

Brett Gibson
Key Account Manager at SAS

“Mark provides all of my business shirts. Whilst I have had some top brand shirts Mark's match them for quality and come with the added benefit of being tailored to suit me plus the convenience of Mark coming to me.”

Derek Campbell
Chief Executive at WHK NQ

There are two reasons why I considered tailored clothing for my professional wardrobe. The first reason is the fact that I have never found a pre-made suit that properly fit me. There is nothing that I dislike more than sitting around in a suit that either hangs off me in one area and is too tight in another. The second reason is the flexibility that it entails. I get to choose the cut of cloth, the style of buttons and a host of other custom designs, like extra pockets, that I would never be able to request with a pre-made suit.

My experience with Wil Valor was as close to perfect as is possible.  From being willing to meet me at the place of my choosing, to arriving on time for the appointment and then professionally guiding me through my options, all the fine details were covered.  Mark was thoroughly professional and certainly knows his trade.  The measuring was very thorough with nothing left to chance.  Once the measuring was complete I was kept informed of the expected time of completion.  The suit as well as the custom shirts were completed on schedule, the follow up appointment to try out the suit was as the first, on time and at the place of my choosing, and the suit and shirts fit the very first time, with no alteration. They fit so well they almost feel like a second skin. Mark was again very thorough, making sure that every part of the suit and the shirts fit perfectly.

My experience with Wil Valor was not only enjoyable but a pleasure, as I appreciate watching craftsmen at their trade and Mark definitely is extremely talented and professional in his trade.  It is definitely the best suit that I have ever purchased and I will be contacting him again when I need another.  The craftsmanship is second to none, the materials are of the highest quality, the choices for cloth and design seemingly endless  and customer service was excellent.  I highly recommend Mark Ferguson and Wil Valor when considering a suit and other tailored clothing.  After this experience, it is very hard to even look at retail clothing again.

Chris Warnholtz
Pathology Queensland

Marks details were given to me by a referral when I was looking for my wedding suit to be made. My initial consultation with Mark was quite surprising. I was taken back by how much Mark knew and also how much Mark he listened to what I wanted. When the suit arrived, it looked amazing to me but Mark wasn’t happy with the end result. Most suits do need some attention here and there and Mark made sure that the end result was perfect, and it was. I can’t recommend Mark enough for what he did for me and for my wedding day.

Stuart White
Account Director

I have used Mark's service twice now.  On both occassions the service I received from Mark was exceptional.  The quality of his product is superior to anything I have purchased in the past.  His insight and creativity are a great benefit to a fashion failure like myself.  I highly recommended Mark's service to anyone looking for unique top quality suits and custom shirts for men.  You can expect excellent service, superior quality and value for money everytime!

Shaun Michels
Career Consultant (Owner)
Fix My Résumé

Mark provides tailored suits and shirts for our directors.  He has a great knowledge of fabric and style, and what suits each of us the best.  He is extremely careful to make sure that the fit and cut is right, and went above and beyond what I expected to make sure that the fit was perfect.  On top of that, he is very easy to do business with. Highly recommended.

Peter McLaughlin
Redchip Lawyers

Mark has nailed the art of providing an exceptional bespoke tailoring experience by mixing his knowledge of current trends and classic, quality men's ware with his passion for superior customer service.

Andrew Latimer
Business Development Manager at Flight Centre Limited

I have used Mark Ferguson’s Wil Valor services before and would use them again. I find Mark good company, very professional, and most of all, he knows what he is talking about. He has challenged me to stretch just a little in my style and colour to get that little edge. I would have no hesitation in saying that his product is great value for money.

Ewen Jones (MP)

Any professionals who really want to stand out... Call Mark!

Having an athletic shape, any shirt or suit in the past 'off the rack' were tight around the shoulders and back yet the waist was all baggy .  Mark's attention to detail in choosing colour, design and measuring were incredible.  Delivery of the shirt and suit was well under the time expected.   The quality is incredible as is the attention to detail and great value for money.

From the first time I slipped on a Wil Valor shirt and suit I felt different, my posture changed my attitude changed and the compliments came! In the end it is about how you feel in a Wil Valour suit and shirt, knowing the colours suit you and that the compliments happen every time... is just a bonus.

I now only wear Wil Valor shirts... everything else feels cheap and poorly fitting.

Stuart Walter
Australia's no 1 for Sports Hypnotherapy
Published Author and speaker

Over the past 2 years I have reached out to Mark to Tailor suits for me that I can use in a professional setting. His craftsmanship is outstanding. He is professional and has a high quality of service as well as high quality products.

It's pretty simple. Go to Mark if you want to dress to impress.

Aaron Blishen
Consulting Services Manager at Intelligent Pathways

 I am pleased to write this recommendation for Mark Ferguson. I have used Marks' services on a number of occasions and have found his work to be of superior quality combined with outstanding service.

As a taller person I always have found it difficult to find knowledgeable and helpful people that understand my needs. Mark was that and more when he designed my suit for my wedding and later another jacket to match the set. Having agreed the scope of the work required, we established a time frame and budget. Mark completed the work on time, and within budget, and I was delighted with the results. The range of materials available was amazing and Mark was able to recommend the most appropriate for the style I wanted.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Mark and Wil Valor, and I will certainly be calling on him again as the need arises.

Ryan Sodziak
Operations Manager at The Scout Association of Australia, Queensland Branch Inc

Mark advised me on the style and cut of a suit that I bought in 2011. I we extremely pleased with Mark style. He is very professional, very pleasant to interact with and very creative and stylish in his recommendation on the suite style. Mark approaches this profession as a lifestyle, and his experience like mine with getting an unusual size and style means he provides valuable advice.

I found Mark to very very personable and helpful. He is nothing like your usual market-chain suite tradesman who will push you into something that is not just right. Mark provides patient, creative and relaxed advice that means you break down the barriers to your usual run-of-the-mill styles and bring out your creative spirit.

My suite is something I cherish,.. I love. I treat it like a family treasure as it fits perfectly, and is a style that I love to wear and be seen in.

I also has shirts made by Mark. Again I have struggled all my life with shirts that just would not fit properly and was constantly struggling to get the arm length, body length and collar width to fit me. Mark's shirt are just wonderful to wear. I do longer need that hourly refit of my shirt into my pants, or the struggle with the collar, or the discomfort of my shoulders pulling my sleeves up to my elbows.

My advise to anyone who may of may not know the tribulations of Executive company management, is that behavior, look and style play a big part in the perception of your professionalism. No-one likes to deal with a slob. Pay the extra to make sure your clothes give you that first impression of a professional. Don't look like a trashy slob by wearing a big store shelf suite. It is tacky and shows you don't care.

GO TO MARK. You will never regrets the clothes you wear or forget to great friendly service he provides. Pay the little extra for the clothes of a professional.

Alistair Stephens
President Director & Chairman of the Board of Directors at PT TAJ (Tanjung Abadi Jaya)

Before you buy your next suit / shirt or pants I would highly recommend you contact Mark for a consultation. His product is execeptional quality and you can really feel the difference when choose tailor made garments. The most exciting thing about choosing Marks collection is the vast range of colours and styles that are available... from corpoate wear to a funky shirt, Mark will ensure that you look your best. Nothing is ever to much trouble for him and he will work around your schedule and location. Highly recommended.

Stephen Ford
MD at National Telephone and Data

I was extremely happy with Mark's advice and service- from the initial consultation we developed a style and overall look for my wedding suit that was perfect for me. After choosing from a wide selection of suit fabrics, we worked on every little element, all the way to selecting the right shirt and tie and shoes to match, I appreciated Mark's relaxed but professional approach. I received many compliments on the quality of my suit and outfit. For someone like me who is fairly clueless about fashion Mark gives you the confidence to know you've got it right.

Andrew Buckley
Client Manager at BWH Communication

I got married in Feb 2012 and of course the preparation was enormous. Thankfully when it came to the suits Mark Ferguson had been highly recommended to me by a colleague. I went and saw Mark and was immediately impressed with his professionalism and knowledge of his trade. We finished up getting suits, shirts, and ties for myself, my best man, groomsman (who were both interstate), my father in law, and my 2 brother in laws. We were all extremely happy with our purchases and have no hesitation in using Mark again and/or recommending him to others. 

Andrew Forward
Director at Jimojo Wireless Internet

“Thanks very much for your recent attention and service.

I am quite a busy person, and often unable to find the time to get to tailors to arrange for new clothes. Your unique personalised on-site service allowed me to arrange fittings into my busy schedule with a minimum of fuss.

Your professional approach, industry knowledge, access to quality materials and craftsmanship, and overall standard of service is difficult to match.

Thank you again for your efforts. I look forward to ordering more quality clothes through Will Valor”

Patrick Brady
Owner, UDP Consulting Engineers

I found Mark to be an excellent listener in relation to what I was looking for with materials and design for new suits and shirts and everything arrived as specified. Mark even managed to source the same trousers for me 18 months later when I wore out the first pair. Excellent service.

Jeremy White
Global Relationship Manager at HSBC

Mark tailored the suits for our wedding, including a miniature suit for our 6 month old baby and did an excellent job. He gives great service, even coming to our house when we couldn't get to him. The suits fit perfectly, and looked great. 10/10 will use again.

Robert Johansen
Director at Bandanna Energy

Mark has designed and had made a number of suits for me over the years and always they are produced to the highest quality, are distinctive and I'm really pleased with the result.

Simon Kalinowski
Owner/MD at Mandalay Technologies

I have recently been privileged to have introduced to having suits tailored by Wil Valor and Mark Ferguson. The occasion was my wedding and I needed a dinner suit tailored for the day. I met with Mark and went through the tailoring process, which was very professional and filled with a wealth of advice on style and options. Over the following weeks, communications on progress were regular and clear, as were subsequent fittings. The end product was sensational. By far the best suit I have purchased and I clear in my mind about having future suits tailored at Wil Valor. The quality of craftmanship and attention to detail has been great. Thank you, Mark and the team at Wil Valor.

Rowan Smith
Account Director at Deloitte Australia

“I have been utlising Mark's service for well over 6 years. I can comfortably recommend Mark's tailoring to be of the highest quality. Probably the best recommendation I can give is that I still wear the first shirt that he ever made for me & it still fits perfectly. Keep it up mate!!

Rick Rayment
CEO at Journey Financial Group Pty Ltd

I highly recommend Mark and the business attire from Wil Valor to anyone looking for personal service, valued advice and exception quality suits and shirts. He continually refreshes his material selection and offers style advice for any occasion. Mark is the only one I go to for business style advice and quality cloths.

Brett Kullman
General Manager - Queensland at Communications Design & Management

I can't rate Mark and his buisness enough, the quality of his work is beyond exceptional and he listens to the needs of his clients. Mark has made me a couple of items and it certainly will not be the last time I use his services.

Jeremy Paterson
General Manager at Alliance Recruitment & Lloyd Morgan

I can highly recommend Mark at Wil Valor for a quality bespoke tailoring service. The jackets, shirts and trousers he crafts are of excellent fit and quality, and his savvy style consultations result in a sharp, well-dressed look.

Scott Russell
Senior Java Developer at Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

Due to a last minute issue with another provider, I came to Mark on short notice. I needed a bespoke suit for an important wedding over seas and he was able to adapt, get what I needed and have it sent to me overseas in a unrealistic timeframe, providing me with the right fit and quality product. Very happy.

Matt Grounds
Owner at Premium Security Services

I have bought a number of suits from Mark. Mark provides an extremely convenient service and provides a high quality product. I would use Mark again

Jamie Forster
Strategy Adviser at Elston Assure Pty Ltd

 I have been using Mark for my business and cusual shirts for the past 2 years and they are both very smart and modern as well as very durable and the shirt I bought 2 years ago still look like new. I also got Mark to make me a suit, this is the 3rd suit I have had made, and by far the best I have made, due to quality, cut and appearance. Ordering is very easy and painless, I actually order mine from my office, no stress, pick the fabric, pick the style and in a week or so they arrive. Great Looking Product, Great Service and I am a very happy customer.

Glen Sharp
Dealer Principal at Carmichael Ford and Carmichael Motors

Highly recommend Marks business. Attention to detail and keeps regular contacts and updates regarding orders.

Kulbir Dhanda
Business Development Director, SDI Plastics

Mark makes shopping easy! He offers excellent service, coming to you and assisting with colour, style and fabric choices to best suit you. Then he personally delivers to you beautifully made suits, shirts and ties. He is a true professional and a walking billboard for quality tailor made garments.

Grant Penrose
Sales Manager at RE/MAX Profile Real Estate

Mark makes a sharp, crisp and flattering suit. I would recommend him to make your son's first suit.

Mark Badger
Non Executive Director at Strategic Business Alliance Pty Ltd

I have been a client of Mark's for about seven years. His company Wil Valor provides maticulous service, coupled with a quality product and has an understanding of what clothing works based on the occassion, your body type and of course what is in season. Thanks to Mark and Wil Valor, I am always one of the best dressed people within my business and social network.

Conor Murdock
Business Development Manager at Stellar Recruitment

Mark was the first tailor I had used, and it has been an enjoyable experience. Not only is Mark a nice bloke, his level of customer service is second to none. We had a small problem with my suit jacket fitting and Mark spent a considerable amount of time to resolve the issue at no further cost to me. Needless to say, I went away as a happy customer. Since then I have gone on to purchase shirts that fit perfectly, no more issues with finding the right sleeve and neck size. If you are interested in having tailored clothes, made by someone who will go the extra mile, I would recommend you see Mark Ferguson of Wil Valor.

Adam Dee
Chief Executive Officer at LandPartners Ltd

Having not used the services of a tailor before, I recently discovered Wil Valor online, and was immediately impressed with their modern and informative website. Mark made the process enjoyable and easy as he recommended the patterns and colours that he thought would be most suitable for me. My new business shirts and great! I will never buy off the rack again. I'd recommend Mark for anyone who is looking for high quality business clothes.

Jason King
Managing Director at King Consulting Group

I recently had a suit made by Wil Valor for my son's wedding. My son and his Best Man also had their suits made and fitted by Mark - and we all looked pretty sharp! The attention to detail, choice, quality of craftmanship, and the great service from Mark made the whole experience of purchasing a new suit that much easier and enjoyable.

Scott Gibson
Export Advisor (TradeStart) at Trade Queensland

I would highly recommend Mark and his expert tailor services. Shirts and suits are finished to the highest of standards and a pleasure to wear with perfect fit on all items. Mark's attention to detail and follow up are second to none.

Anthony Castellaro
Investment Manager/Director at Elston Partners

Mark presented to our teams in 2010 on Personal Appearance, Grooming and his Tailoring service. His presentation was excellent and I have used his Tailoring services ever since. The quality of the crafted garments is excellent and his service is friendly, efficient and very professional. I am happy to recommend Mark to anyone.

Chris Shay
Chief Executive at Crowe Horwath

I'm very happy to recommend the service that Mark and his company Wil Valor provide. I recently engaged Mark to provide a suit and a couple of business shirts. The price, quality and service were tremendous.

Gary Spence
Managing Director at Brown Consulting (Aust) Pty Ltd

Mark has provided me with a number of items of clothing from shirts to slacks and suits. It was a pleasure to finally find a Tailor who not only supplied bespoke items but also offered great advice about what combinations of cloth and cut best represented the image I was trying to project I highly recommend Mark to any executive who is serious about presenting the best image they can to their clients and customers.

John Schmierer
Director at Affordable Accommodation Australia

I engaged Mark in 2011 to make some business trousers and shirts. The initial consultation was excellent - he came to me at a convenient time & he provided some excellent advice on colour, style and cut. The trousers and shirts he personally delivered were outstanding - not much more cost than from a store but far superior materials and fit and far more durable. I would not hesitate to engage Mark again nor recommend his excellent services to anybody else.

David Liddy
Senior Project Engineer at Atkins

Mark at Will Valor provides stylish, quality tailoring and just as importantly, a smooth, expert experience from consultation to finished result. I'd recommend him to anyone, whether investing in your first suit or adding to your wardrobe. 

Ray Leung
Art Director at Bubble Gum Interactive

Mark is someone I would recommed as an exellent taylor. Many people have commented on the quality of my clothes and my improved personal appearance since Mark started helping me with the colour and material for my clothes. 

Barry Brockbank
Area Manager at Bravo NQ

May I congratulate Mark for his outstanding taste and style, and his ability to provide fashion advice that is beyond comparison?  Since appointing him as my personal tailor, I have felt more confident of my look, more pleased with my style and secure in my personal presentation.  Mark, you have saved me from having to think about what I should wear, by advising me on what's currently fashionable, selecting the right textures, materials and design to suit me and my lifestyle.  It's almost a tragic cliché, but having a personal tailor is as good as it gets.  Outstanding!

Brett Greensill
Principal - LJ Hooker New Farm

What type of compliments have you received about your Wil Valor clothing? - For shirts - always complimentary about the colours, mix of colours, fit. For trousers - style, fit. 

How does Wil Valor clothing make you feel when you are wearing it? - Very happy & professional. Because of the tailored fit I'm very comfortable & I know the clothing looks good.  

Is there an item of clothing that gets more compliments than others? - Primarily shirts - when I wore my suit for the first time and also when I wore my gusto. 

What do you personally love about Wil Valor's clothing? - The ease of doing business. From me wanting something to Wil Valor being able to provide the solutions/options to then having the clothing personally fitted then delivered for the final fitting.   

What would you tell someone who is considering purchasing from Wil Valor? If you really want to be comfortable. look good and enjoy a high level of customer service when shopping for clothing do not wait any longer - call Wil Valor. 

Would you consider buying from Wil Valor  in the future? - Yes - I have continued to do so from original purchase to now.

Michael Dickfos
National Manager Boom Sherrin

What sort of compliments have you received about your Wil Valor clothing? The biggest compliment I have received is winning Best Dressed at the Macquarie Radio Marquee over the Townsville Amateurs weekend. I have also had a few people compliment me on my Gusto in Brisbane, Sydney and Cairns. They are unique and people love a point of difference 

How does Wil Valor clothing make you feel when you are wearing it? Confident. Because I know that no one else will have what I am wearing.

Is there an item of clothing that gets more compliments than others?The odds on favourite for this is the Gusto. It doesn't matter where I am in the country people comment on it.

What do you personally love about Wil Valor clothing? I am a huge fan of the cut and the choice of fabric. Probably the most important thing is not the clothing it self but the service you receive from PT. Attention to detail is a must in any business and Mark and his team certainly deliver that.

What would you tell someone who is considering purchasing from Wil Valor? "If you want a point of difference and want to make a social statement with what you wear, go see Mark"

Would you consider buying from Wil Valor in the future?Naturally. 

Patrick Donohue
Area Manager Lion Nathan.

What sort of compliments have you received about your Wil Valor clothing? I have received several compliments about how good the clothes look, however it's the looks you get that are more satisfying! The clothes are definitely one of a kind, and people definitely notice the quality of the clothing.

How does Wil Valor clothing make you feel when you are wearing it?I feel satisfied that I have invested money into great suits and clothes that make me look the part of a successful business man. As the saying goes, the suit makes the man.

Is there an item of clothing that gets more compliments than others? The suit definitely gets the most compliments

What do you personally love about Wil Valor clothing?The quality is great, and the service of in home fitting along with the professional service makes it all the more reason why Precision Tailors will continue to provide me with all my business wear.

What would you tell someone who is considering purchasing from Wil Valor?Want the best suit, shirt or pants? Give the guys a call, you won't be disappointed.

Would you consider buying from Precision Tailors in the future?I think you know the answer to this one...

James Kelly
Lime Light Digital

"Since buying my first tailored suit from Wil Valor, I've never felt more confident and comfortable when attending that important work meeting.  Even for events like weddings or race days, I would now only select an outfit from the Precision range."

Conor Murdock

"The experience from start to finish was a pleasurable one. The wide range of fabrics available through your company gave me the opportunity to construct a professional yet distinctive wardrobe. The suite of garments that I ordered arrived in a timely manner and were exactly as I had envisioned them to be. Finally, whenever I wear one of your products, I am consistently complimented on how sharp I look. We all know first impressions count! I look forward to doing business again with your company in the near future and furthermore will be recommending Wil Valor to my friends and colleagues."

D. Goulding

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Wil Valor from whom I have recently purchased several business suits. 

I am a director of very successful property business and for me, time is very  valuable. Wil Valor saved me a significant amount of time let alone money through the unique tailoring service they offer - they come to you.  They provide a very professional service, offering a wide selection of fabrics and appropriate advice and guidance throughout the entire selection and fitting process.   The end product was of excellent quality but affordable.  The team at Wil Valor ensured that it arrived in a timely manner and fitted to my liking.

I have referred several of my business associates and friends to Wil Valor as I highly recommend their service. 

Ben Boyle
Your Property Solutions Pty Ltd