Our philosophy:

We combine tailor made craftsmanship with directional style.

Your individual style may be classic or contemporary, our endeavor is not to change your style only enhance it through experience and expertise.

We value quality and hold a dedication to unsurpassed craftsmanship and fabrics.

A custom made garment is an experience each man should understand. It is an indescribable pleasure, a unique moment where the wearer confides their aspirations and desires.


How we work:

You receive a private meeting with a Style Advisor who listens to your needs, advises on colour,style and fit. Then sends your specifics to our cutters and our Saville Row trained Master Tailor creates your custom made pieces.

Your garments can be created from over 3000 fabrics including the finest fabrics of Lora Piana and Zegna, is based on 28 of your measurements and take up to 40 hours to create.

Designs are only limited by your imagination. We enjoy assisting you in creating unique garments which give you confidence.

For some of our clients tailor made clothing is the only option but for others it is about the quality, uniqueness and the customization of garments that are hand made.

We require the perfect fit which allows you to relax.


Who are the Style Advisors

They are individuals with a deep passion for men's style who appreciate quality, live for detail and embody expertise in colour, style and fit.

Each Style Advisor is highly trained:

  • They advise the correct colours for you
  • They advise the correct style for you
  • They obtain the correct measurements
  • They give you the correct fit

We label ourselves Style Advisors as we are not tailors, we do not cut or stitch, but you may prefer to refer to us as your tailor, as most men would not introduce us as their style advisor...


Style. Measure. Fit

Style - We are fully accredited experts on the influence colour, mixing of patterns and style coordination. We help you select the correct style for your body shape and assist you in building a wardrobe which gives you permanent style while being up to date with current trends through access to the latest fabrics.

- We evaluate your needs for business, smart casual or formal occasions (Weddings). Your garments are made from expertly taken measurements.

Fit - You are Guaranteed a Perfect Fit. Your garments must pass our own high standards. We also fit in with your schedule. With our personal service and flexible hours we can come to you or meet you at our studio.